Companies have to change and think differently. Saving money is not a goal but a side-effect when designing good and successful solutions that improve the employee’s satisfaction and performance. The power of happiness at work, new business opportunities for supplier and the industry convinced the jury: Agnes Günther wins the future award 2015.

After half a year working in the team in corporation with partners from the industry, emistime, a field service management system, was developed. Later I joined an incubator in Amsterdam to learn how to build a business case around the proof-of-concept. Due to the interest of many people, I decided to continue, to make it future proof and to see how big the impact of such an idea would be.
Not only the influence on the company using the system is big, emistime also creates new markets for suppliers and other industries – a chance for the economy. The business case and concept convinced the jury – winner in the category economy of the future award 2015.