It’s a normal day, anywhere in the world and you are invited tonight. Luckily google maps knows where you have to go because otherwise you wouldn’t have a clue. Arrived at the final destination your friends welcomes you – and your phone says goodbye (as usual your smartphone ran out of battery). First thing you ask is not “how are you” but “do you have a charger?” You are such a heart warming friend… Sure your friend has a charger, but not the one you need.

Ikea might have done one step forward to integrate technology into our daily life by introducing wireless charging furniture. Some lamps and tables will be able to charge mobile phones – no more cables, no more different plugs, just place it on top of the plus sign.

Nice idea, but not every phone supports wireless charging yet. There are some QI-Wireless Charger Transmitter which can be placed on top of the battery under the cover. So if you want to make use of the new cable free possibilities, there are some work arounds. Supported Smartphones are for example the Nokia Lumia 830 and 930, the Samsung GALAXY S4, S5, Note 4 and GALAXY Alpha.
Samsung as well as Nokia also got involved in the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The mobile phone manufacturer will also introduce the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge which is supporting an “universally compatible embedded wireless charging technology”.