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As strategic designer I create services and strategies for companies in different industries. As researcher I focus on behavioral strategies in decision making on innovation, cognitive differences, behavioral economics, design thinking, and leadership. For me, the value that design and designerly ways of thinking can contribute to the business and organizational strategy goes far beyond well-known approaches, such as design thinking, co-creation or road-mapping. My aim is to find out how to support innovation (recognition and implementation), decision making and (creative) leadership in organizations and on an individual level. - Agnes Günther 2016

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What I believe in

CURIOSITY and INTEREST are my drivers. Not only do I love to travel, learn about TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE & CULTURES; I also enjoy to meet new people. You want to CHALLENGE me? Even better! I am a fast learner, excellent in bridging disciplines and CONNECTING ideas from different fields and DIMENSIONS. I like to reach limits, and love to PUSH them even further to create solutions with a bit of MAGIC.


  • 2016


    The effect of creativity and prior knowledge on abductive reasoning during concept selection. Besides my own research, I work as Research Assistant mainly in the fields of creativity, decision making and reasoning for Delft University of Technology and University of Sydney.

  • 2016

    More awards

    Blue dot design award 2016. Dutch Finalist of the Clean Tech Challenge, Honor Project about New Generation of Work

  • 2015

    MSc Strategic Product Design + Work

    In 2015 I went back to University to study Strategic Product Design. In August 2017 I finished my Master of Science and received the dutch title of "Ingenieur" with honours. During the time I did projects for Air France Martinair KLM Cargo, St.Studio, Peerby, Deloitte and other companies.

  • 2015

    Winner of Future Award 2015

    How an idea can change a whole industry and create new revenue models… winner in the category economy.

  • 2015

    Grow up

    and start something new. Product and Concept Design for different clients. Developing Business Tools for Startups and Facilitators. Teaching Concept Development, Visual Thinking, InDesign and Photoshop. Between start-ups, teaching and design – always looking for new challenges.

  • 2015

    Interaction Designer

    at mediaLAB Amsterdam development of a field management system

  • 2015

    Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design

    Double degree in Industrial Design and Communication Design at Braunschweig University of Art, Germany, Thesis 1,0

  • 2014

    Glass Art at Haute École des Art du Rhin de Strasbourg

    DFJW/OFAJ scholarship learning all techniques of glass production including glass blowing, making, casting, lamp working,…

  • 2012

    Jewellery Design at EASD Valencia

    learning about the emotional site of a product, gold smithing and casting techniques, Winner of Cluster – Envase y Embalaje contest (Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logística ITENE)


somethings I want to share
May 1
May 1

A model capturing the essence of Strategic Design

The term strategic design is getting more and more popular, but only a few know what it really is. In order to create a shared understanding, I designed a model which puts the core aspects of strategic design into perspective, and which presents my view on strategic design: a holistic approach to orchestrate components of […]

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Dec 1
Dec 1

Design Leadership – the new venture growth strategy?

Our market is changing faster than ever, creating turbulences and uncertainty. To be able to make sustainable profit, companies do not only need to be first in the market, they also need to make the right decisions at the right moment. Innovation often fail – either because the market is not ready or because the innovation […]

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some of the companies I worked with
New Yorker
Smit Elektra
Land Niedersachsen
Inspired by California
City of Braunschweig
Klm airfrance cargo


What it's all about






Where it all started: the origin and the mindset which is included in every project. No matter which dimension, scope or method – it will always be designed with passion.


A good strategy is the basis and key to success. It makes the difference between good and great. When design is combined with business it becomes huge and bold.


A company is more than just a look. It's about emotion, drive & people. Many become blind and forget what they are actually good in or just stop moving.


Even though you might think it's not possible, we will make it possible – and this I don't want to keep for myself but share with others. If you can explain, you really understood.